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Four channel data logger with pulse and two-state inputs

Data logger is designed to record from four binary inputs or from two pulse and two binary inputs.
The recording is performed in a non-volatile electronic memory. The data can be transferred to a PC via USB-C.

Datalogger inputs can be set up for four binary inputs or two binary inputs and two pulse counters.

In case of exceeded set limits alarms are indicated by LED, LCD and acoustically by built-in beeper.

The device includes Traceable calibration certificate with declared metrological traceability of etalons is based on requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

Included in delivery:

  • 型号
  • 3 年



二进制或者脉冲输入配置用于电压测量 低电平输入电压:<0.4 V(*);高电平输入电压:> 2 V;适用的最小电压:0 V;适用的最大电压:+30 V DC
二进制或者计数输入用于无电压触点或者开集电极晶体管 触点电阻在“开启”状态:< 10 kΩ,触点电阻在“关闭”状态:> 300 kΩ;触点电压在“开启”状态:3 V;锁存状态所需的最小状态持续时间:1s
计数器参数 范围 24 位 (16 777 215),可能导致计数器溢出;最大脉冲频率:TBD
实时时钟 年,闰年,月,天,小时,分钟,秒
数据记录间隔 1s 至 24h可调
显示和报警更新 1 s, 10s, 1min可调
总内存容量 500 000 个测量值,非循环记录模式;350 000 个测量值循环记录模式
数据记录模式 非循环 - 内存满后数据记录停止;循环 - 内存满后最早的数据被新的数据覆盖
电源 Lithium battery 3.6V, size AA
IP防护等级 IP20
尺寸 61x93x32
含电池重量 120 g
保修 3 年