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Pt1000TR160/0 temperature probe for COMETEO Solar Shields F8x00, cable 25 cm

Precise IP67 watertight probe -30 to +80°C for use in COMETEO solar radiation shields F8800 and F8900.
Probe is designed for connection to any transducer with required output 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS232, RS485 or Ethernet - models T4111, T4211, T4311 or T4511 respectively.
Low-cost transducers P4121 (4-20mA) and P4211 (0-10V) are also available.
Transducer itself is then located inside of the top cover of the COMETEO solar shield.

Tolerance t = ±(0.30+0.005*|t|) - class B in accordance with IEC751. Polyamide enclosure with shielded PVC cable of 25cm length. Enclosure diameter 6mm, length 20mm. Without connector.

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Measuring range -30 to +80 °C
Accuracy ± (0.3 + 0.005 t) at °C
Accuracy class A
Time response t0.5 <12 s (in flowing water at > 0.2 m/s)
t50 <12s, t90 <32s (in liquid)
Type of sensing element Pt1000
Temperature coefficient 3850 ppm / °C


Wire connection 2-wire connection
Material of the case POLYAMIDE-based plastic
Dimensions of the case length 20 mm;
diameter 5.7 ± 0.1 mm
Lead-in cable PVC shielded
Length of lead-in cable 25 cm
Connector without connector
IP protection IP67
Warranty 30 months